Blackberry red light wont turn on

I am having a similar problem w an 8100. The red light flashes twice, but it wont turn on. I have tried everything suggested, but I get nothing. My BB storm died on my earlier and ive had it plugged in for an hour but the red light just keeps flashing and it wont turn on. Also, even when its This topic is about some problems in turning your Storm on. Usually when you plug your Storm in the charger, the red light turns on however the screen remains black. Blackberry curve 8900 long red light phone won t turn on. When charging blackberry curve green light flashing means what? What the flashing orange light on a blackberry. I woke up this morning and my BlackBerry will not turn on. I plugged it in to the charger and it still won't turn on. It won't even give me a red or green light or. Best Answer: Sand could be the factor of why your phone won't turn on. You can try to do warranty exchange and see if they'll take your phone. You can possibly get. i accidently threw my blackberry on the floor and now it wont turn on the only thing that turns on is the red light at first then it stops for a few seconds then the. Sprint Community enables people to share and help each other make the most out of their wireless services. Come join the discussion about all things Sprint: Vote in polls Blackberry Curve won’t turn on, no red light. Posted on: Friday, Dec 31, 2010 Phone angry itself off.Tryed active it into a bank charger and laptop usb cable to charge, but anniversary time the red time breach affiliated for about a First, turn off the icam in the top bar (which is to the left of the wifi symbol). If that doen`t turn it off, then open up Photo Booth and then close it. 04 Nov, 2010. Blackberry 8900 wont turn on, just red light comes up then goes off. Posted by: HFD In: blackberry Did you get wet, even a little in a pocket or foggy, sweaty locker room or something? Drop? K? You to the battery in another BlackBerry or what?.